Why Access Research Data Using Our API?

Want to create products that leverage the power of TubeResearcher API?

The analysis done by TubeResearcher engine is far powerful than what meets the eye. Semantic analysis of data, Natural Language Processing along with advanced gender detection - all based on trained data models, that involves millions of text data from social media, as the training data that served the purpose of teaching the algorithms to create near-to-accurate predictions based on supervised learning. This is what is at the heart of TubeResearcher.

What Sort Of Data Does The API Expose?

The following is a glimpse of what the API exposes as standard JSON:
The following endpoints of the API are currently under development:

The actively/currently developed APIs are not supported in current release of TubeResearcher.

When Can I Access The API?

The API endpoints are planned to be released in 2018. The access will, initially be provided to developers and product creators based on queue system and is highly limited in number.

The limit to the number of API calls will be limited to a fair volume and will be decided during the API release.

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