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when it comes to YouTubeTM research!
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We have pushed the research skills of a YouTube research tool to the next level.

TubeResearcher, the world's first true native MacOSXTM application for true video research on YouTubeTM, is powered by cutting-edge modern technologies with patent-level Analysis Intelligence right at its heart.

It has been crafted with you in mind. Say NO to the plain old keyword and rank tracking tools that kills your CPU via unwanted thread creation and improper CPU utilization, on top of unfair pricing. Those tools find it hard to keep up with the updates of YouTube and thus fall apart soon. Unlike them, TubeResearcher is powered by the official API from YouTube along with our own proprietary APIs and algorithms.

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Don't let its simplicity fool you.

One of the hardest part was to figure out a way to incorporate all the heavy modules in the software into a simple to use User Interface. It has been designed to make it easy, even for a five year old, to do research on YouTube videos, in a matter of few minutes.

Take a cup of coffee, while TubeResearcher does the research analysis for you.

Seroiusly, it is so powerful that, it analyses enormous amounts of data points like humans, or maybe even better, in just under a minute.

What Can You Do With TubeResearcher?

What More Can You Do?

You are mistaken if you thought that, TubeResearcher could do only those three functions. Here is more.


All data related to a seed keyword is organized into a project. This means that you can add unlimited keywords and have all those massive data(top videos stats, ranking data, etc.) linked to them, kept under different projects.


You can easily get a snapshot of the details of each of the top videos for a keyword. This includes the views, likes, dislikes, comments, duration, days since it was uploaded. Additionally, you also get to know if there are channels that rank multiple videos for a keyword(Ranker).


It can display the hidden tags for the top videos. Even better, you can see the golden tags that the top videos have in common, along with their use weightage. This is important when it comes to Video SEO.


It displays the number of views the top videos recieved for the past 10 days. Not the aggregate traffic, you actually get the data for each of those 10 days.


Checks for keyword presence in title, description and tags of the top videos for a particular keyword. This is another factor that helps in Video SEO.


Displays analysis of top videos. This analysis is relative to other top videos for the same keyword. You will even get to know the actual different categories, each of these top videos rank for.


It displays the number of times the video has been shared across multiple social platforms. This might be a key indicator in the overall ranking and Video SEO.


It analyses the description of top videos at character-level and gives an analysis report that shows the ease with which people can understand the content. It uses the Flesch Easing and Flesch-Kincaid algorithms for this purpose.


It also performs a semantic analysis on the description and reveals how YouTube sees the content, using Tensorflow based algorithm. This process, reveals the semantic keywords present in the description.


Pulling its skills from trained data models based on social media comments, it tells you whether the content was written by a male or female. In addition, it also displays the time required for reading the content.


Using state of the art Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology, it reveals the digital text present on the thumbnail of a top video. This sheds light into why thumbnails shouldn't use fancy text.


It is the YouTubeTM trends data for a period of last 12 months. Additionally, shows the YouTubeTM trending keywords that are related to the seed keyword. It also shows the keywords that are trending at the same time as seed keyword. This is essentially, the GoogleTM correlate data which is based on Pearson correlative analysis.


In addition to tracking ranks, it can also track the likes and dislikes for a video. The data you track is your own. Which means, not tracking data is stored on our servers. This means that the rank tracking is not automatic. It tracks the rank with each use a project. Note that, the rank tracking is not automated like those from cloud services.


You can easily create a skeleton for the description of your video, with the click of a button. Just place in your links and you are good to go. It also shows the tags used by the top videos for a keyword.

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You Research Videos On YouTubeTM?

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Get Up and Running With

Getting Started With TubeResearcher

Learn to work with TubeResearcher quickly, with an easy to understand guide, that takes you by hand into the details of TubeResearcher.

A complete 80+ page eBook for iBooks, that deals with every aspect of the tool, in a visual way.


TubeResearcher is for you if you are a channel owner who is trying to rank videos to top against the competition or a video marketer, who is looking to boost your organic traffic or maybe an affiliate marketer trying to promote products on YouTube or a blogger, trying to drive traffic to your website.

Research is important for anyone who is trying to get any sort of customer from YouTube. TubeResearcher is your best buddy to help in your video research task.


TubeResearcher is under constant development. You might not want to skip this tool.


Here are some of the most common questions you might have in your mind

Nope. Not yet. The WindowsTM version is still under development. It will probably be released this year.
No refunds are provided after the sale. But, you can always cancel your subscription at anytime, which will make sure that you won't be charged again.

I understand that tons of other tools out there provides a LIFETIME license. Have you ever thought about it? A LIFETIME license actually might have different definitions depending on a vendor. Some provide LIFETIME license for upgrades for minor versions. For example, a product named PRODUCTX, which is at version 1, may not carry over its LIFETIME license, to version 2.

There are other vendors who might actually mean LIFETIME equals maybe 3 or 5 years(Believe me, you have got to look clearly somewhere to find this info, on their product page). And guess what, most vendors who promise a LIFETIME license will release the same product as a new product, actually fooling their customers. When that happens, there is no way a customer can claim his LIFETIME license against this new product, although it has just few more features. And worst case, some vendors, don't even update a product!

This is why I decided to provide a YEARLY license, as TubeResearcher will be constantly updated to include new and improved features. After all, it takes a ton of effort to build these features and maintain them.

I might give one, if you point a gun at me. Hey, come on! TubeResearcher is already fairly priced unlike competitor tools that charge the fancy $47 or $197 and offer nearly half of what this beast of a tool can offer. On top of that, this is the only true native MacOSXTM application on market in this category.

Comparing, TubeResearcher to those tools, is like comparing apples to oranges. Both serve different purposes. Chrome extensions have access to your entire data which of course includes YouTube channel data whereas TubeResearcher has no access to your private data including your channel data.

Did you know that a number of loopholes in Chromes security policy enable developers to create Phishing and Denial of Service attacks, among others, with “no special permissions” on the extensions. Moreover, Chrome extensions give access to a large amount of unexpected system information, such as tab state, display setup, and external device connectivity, which users aren’t aware of.

Here is the link to the relevant security research report from MIT - http://bit.ly/chrome-security-research. Hey, don't conclude that all chrome extension vendors utilize security loopholes. Just make sure you use extensions from trusted vendors.

You will receive the license and the application within 24 hours of purchase.

All licenses are manually created and this is why it takes some time for the delivery of the license.

You will receive the license to the PayPalTM email you have used for purchasing the license.

No. TubeResearcher comes with a sophisticated licensing module and each application itself is integrated with a protector key that is unique to an executable file. If we find that, you are using same license on multiple machines, the license will be cancelled without notification.

But, If you just want to shift your license to a new machine, then you may send a request to support@contentresearcher.com with the subject 'Shift TubeResearcher License'.

What the hell are you talking about? Did I mention anything about a price increase?

I am not a marketer, I am just a developer. I won't create scarcity (like BUY NOW BEFORE PRICE INCREASES TO $97 IN 30 MINUTES) for this tool. I don't know why. I just don't want to do that.

Price will always be the same. It won't increase with sales nor will it lower with time. Take your time to evaluate the monthly license and then decide, whether to purchase the yearly license.

Do you mean those series of, One Time Offers(OTOs) and Upsells that vendors offer you after you purchase the main product?

I don't know what else to offer. Oh, maybe I should have stripped down a few features from the product and offered that as an OTO. That sounds cool.

Sorry to dissappoint you. I have no Bonuses, OTOs, Upsells and Downsells for you. Just a solid product that you see on this page.